Monday, November 12, 2007

...Үүлнээс тасарч наранд уусах хоромхондоо
Үзэсгэлэнтэй ... шүүдэр.
Үнэнээс зөрж буруу гишгэх зөрүүддээ
Өөдрөг ... сэтгэл.


Anonymous said...

Wow, shine shuleg. Mon ch udaan huleelee shuu. Bi tani shulgend buur nugasgui durtai, Buur heterhii goyo baidag yum. Hehe, magtah ugee ch olohgui bna sh d. Neeree "Ochigdor" shulgee dahin neg haraach. Neg shine yum nemegdsen bh vii. Amjilt

Anonymous said...

Tnks very much... Udaan huleelgej, chileesen uuchlaarai...Udur tutmiin saaral amidraliin huleesend neg medsen nileed udchij :)

Хvсэл said...

…A few instants following the stream
Like a leaf floating in it’s happy with a fun
A few seconds melted and fondled
Just closing the eyes and thinking nothing

…A few hours touched and flavored that
The stranger things never wanted, and never liked
A day I walked through
The limit that never tried and accepted

…A strange night I spent
Like I am the someone, who is nothing to me
A day I broke off my brain
Then I maybe mourn once

......... I'm very very very happy..... :-)) and tnks a lot for your devotion. Wonderful!