Friday, February 25, 2011


Question:Is there a meaning for dots after a sentence? For example i recieved a msg saying Thank you... What does the three dots means?

They might just like dots.

They hit the period key again by accident twice.

Three dots means the letter "s" in Morse Code.

She secretly likes you but is too shy to express her feelings explicitly. It means that it is the end of the sentence.
... means to be continued or more usually it means that there is more, like: I love you but....
However; sometimes I use it as a space...get it?
Maybe they meant Thank you... (for everything) It means that u have beeeeeeen doted....good luck!! Probably means the same thing as three question marks after a ?............!!!! it is called an ellipsis. It's a pause in thought and/ or to mean "et cetera" It's called an ellipsis. I use it when I don't want to say the whole thing, just add the dots so it implies something. Dots just mean a suppression of letters or words. You can use it however you want. Don't go overboard though, it does get irritating. It means they had more to say but couldn't decide what. Such as wish you were here... I say that to my bf meaning I wish you were here so I could hold you. or what ever. Basically it means nothing, but the person could've said or intended to say something else. It usually indicates a pause meaning thought in process more info to follow.......they are called ellipsis
or the dictionary definition below:

Definition: Ellipses are a punctuation mark consisting of three periods in a row (...). In quotations, ellipses are used to indicate the omission or deletion of certain phrases. Those three dots on the end of a sentence are called an ellipsis. It can be used to indicate a pause for emphasis, as a literary device to create suspense or in dialogue to indicate that the next line interrupts the one with the ellipsis on the end. Putting an ellipsis on the beginning of the following line as well can indicate a change of speaker when one person finishes the other's sentence. In the case of the message that you received the ellipsis is used incorrectly. Now that you know this perhaps you will begin to use this punctuation in your messages... or not. :) there's usually something else they wanted to say, but for the time being let's wait on it.
until next time. It means that there is more to the thought, but which is not expressed and should be inferred.

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